Storm King


Near Port Angeles, Washington

Activity: Day Hike, Scrambling

4 miles, 2100’ elevation gain, 3 hours duration, rated: HARD

Date: 6-5-22

When they say hard in relationship to a hike in the Olympic National Park you can take that to the bank. There is no fooling around in the beauty department either. The area is magnificent. The trail is steep, when your heels don’t touch in back, I categorize that as a hard hike.  Up up up through the verdant green old growth forest, moss, ferns and a light splash of wildflowers decorates the way. Certainly the sort of splendor that takes your breath away.  If that doesn’t take your breath then there is always the calf burning, muscle fatigue, and cardio crunch.

Soon after you reach a sign that says “End of Maintained Trail, which by the way scares some people away, and rightly so.  I think that it is sort of like an insurance full disclosure deal.  Hey… our sign said, “End of Maintained Trail…”  How much clearer could we be?  Well, I guess they could have posted “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Passes Here”.   

The hike proceeds along some rather sketchy spots until you reach ropes that will assist your ascent of a very steep, rocky and muddy incline. Damp rock, muddy boots, deadly drop, and an old, frayed, thin line you are relying on. What could go wrong?  You would think once past the junky ropes the fun is over, right?  Wrong!  Finally near the view point, it’s a scramble in a spot that has no room for error.  Once up the climb carefully make your way along a bit of a knifes edge with death on both sides for a heavenly view.  It is intense… both the event and the view of the mountains, cliffs, and the star of the show gorgeous Crescent Lake far down below.  

It is a Olympic National Park must do for the adventurous thrill seeker.  If however you are the slightest bit squeamish about heights turn around at the “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Passes Here” Sign.  (It doesn’t really say that it says ‘End of Maintained Trail”, which in this case is quite similar.  

Important note this hike known as Storm King is not to the Summit of Storm King Mountain, which is higher and set back even further than what you view.  With the National Park Storm King Hike take a button hook just passed the ropes out onto an outcropping of rock.  Going straight up the mountain instead requires fullclimbing gear and even those guys usually take a different route.  

As you stand on the outcropping of rock of Storm King peering through wisps of misty clouds at Crescent Lake far down below you can’t help but be in awe of how powerful the moment it. That is what “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure” is all about.

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The challenge is to dance as close to fate as we can without overstepping it one time too often.

Thanks for joining Alec and I on this treacherous, but daring and exciting adventure to Storm King in the Olympic National Park.  We did this hike just following and really in conjunction with the lovely and enchanting Marymere Falls. For more bold outing in Nature, as we find ourselves ‘Pursing Balance Through Adventure’, please stay with us by completing the following: COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE.  The above menu will provide other fabulous areas, besides the National Parks, in the West that will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your next adventure.  If you like the hat that I am wearing in the video then I invite you to check out my line of Adventure Wear at SHOP APPAREL.  

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursing Balance Through Adventure

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