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Hole in the Wall



Activity: Day Hike

3.5 miles, 100′ elevation gain, <1 hour duration, rated Moderate

Rialto Beach is one of those special places that you will not soon forget, tiny little forested islands just off shore, magical sea stacks, stunningly beautiful broad beach framed by green forest, stacks of drift wood, tide pools and the star of the show ‘Hole in the Wall’ a large natural arch.

Strolling along the blue pacific on this magnificent beach, the salted air, the sound of the waves, the cry of the gull and the cool ocean breeze invigorates your senses. Just off shore you will spy ‘James and little James’, tiny little islands lined with ever green trees. Further along the beach you will encounter numerous sea stacks including Gunsight Rock a spectacle to behold. If you have timed the tides correctly and the tide is out then Hole in the Wall, a natural arch, is yours to explore. It really is a gorgeous spot, beyond that are tide pools to checkout and some more beach if you so desire.

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Looking through ‘Hole in the Wall’, Rialto Beach in the Olympic National Park at Gunsight Rock and James and Little James Islands.
Our memories of the ocean will linger on, long after our footprints in the sand are gone. 

My son Alec and I appreciate you joining us on this sensational day at the Olympic Coast. A wonderful spot to reconnect with Nature and feel her healing arms wrap around you as you are almost overwhelmed in her beauty and magnificence. That my friends is what Nature can do, so whenever you can and as much as you can experience her glory. That is what ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ is about- taking off that pack filled with stress, ho hum, day to day routine and fill that pack with fresh air, exercise and the bright colors of Nature, and Adventure. There is still more to come as far as the outings that Alec and I encountered in the stupendous Olympic National Park. So stayed tuned by completing just a few easy steps COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE. If you go up to the menu above you will discover that besides our wonderful National Parks PBTA ventures to many wondrous locations in this great West of ours. Each location or activity is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently. SHOP APPAREL is the place where you can deck yourself out with top quality Adventure Wear by PBTA now that you are inspired and ready to set out on your own Adventure.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure