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Marymere Falls


Activity: Day Hike, Scenic View, Chasing Waterfalls

2 miles, 500’ elevation gain, 1 hour duration, rated Easy

Date: 6-5-22

The trailhead for Marymere Falls is near the beautiful blue waters of Lake Crescent in the Olympic National Forest.  Stop by the Storm King Ranger Station for information.  

The trail and the area are exquisite.  So green, so lush, you “just gotta’ luv” the tall fir trees, the draping moss, maple trees, abundant ferns and the overwhelming beauty. When you come upon the rushing stream and cross the wooden bridge, you will then begin switch backs leading to the falls. The Olympic National Park definitely knows how to do waterfalls. It is an enchanted hike to be sure. 

Marymere Falls is a 90 foot waterfall surrounded by a bewitching old growth forest.  This is one of the most popular hikes in the Olympic National Park. Easy hike that is good for the whole family.

The only way to view a waterfall is in motion. CLICK THE PIC!
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Marymere Falls in the Olympic National Park
“Waterfall don’t ever change your ways, fall with me for a million days, oh my waterfall.” – Jimi Hendrix 

Thanks for joining me on my solo hike to Marymere Falls.  You might ask, What about your son Alec?  Wasn’t he with you?”  Alec slept in on this day in the back of the rig from the location of our last adventure, Hurricane Hill, and while I did the Marymere Falls hike.  Don’t worry he was still ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’.  When I told him on the walkie-talkie-talkie how gorgeous the falls were instead of just joining me for the next hike of the day he used his cross-country skills trail running to the falls and then caught me heading up the steep hike to ‘Storm King.’  The boy’s got wheels!  Stick with us for the upcoming and exciting post regarding ‘Storm King’ by doing a few simple tasks: LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW and SHARE.  If you go to the menu above you will see not only is PBTA journeying to our wonderful National Parks, but extensively throughout this great West of ours.  Each location or activity is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently.   If you like my hat in the YouTube video then I invite you to deck yourself out with your own high quality adventure wear at SHOP APPAREL.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure 


Echo Lake


Activity: Backpacking, Back Country Wilderness Camping, Hiking

Date: May 31/June 2, 2020

Distance 4.7 miles, elevation change 810 feet, duration 4 hours, rated Moderate

This was my first trip to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Because of the Covid-19 emergency the park, along with all National Parks, had been closed. I arrived the weekend that it opened back up. The park was open, but most of the campgrounds and the Visitor Center were still closed. Backcountry camping was open and that is what I was interested in.

Lassen Volcanic National Park- I have heard it called “Little Yosemite.” It is one of our lesser utilized National Parks. It’s most prominent feature is Lassen Peak, the largest Plug Dome Volcano in the world, and the Southern Most Cascade Mountains Volcano.

After reaching the park I filled out the Self Registration for the Backcountry Wilderness Camping and was on my way. I just about had the place to myself. I suppose that it was a little early in the season, as there was a lot more snow than I was expecting which caused me to rethink my plan to Peak Bag Lassen Mountain that was covered with snow. I do not have the proper equipment for such a snow and ice adventurous undertaking. The other reason the park was so scantily populated is not every National Park has re-open so few people probably even know it is back. I parked near the Ranger Station at Summit Lake and slung my heavy pack up onto my back and headed out on my adventure. It was quite late in the afternoon, but since it was the unofficial start to Summer there would be plenty of light to make the trek to Echo Lake where I would be setting up my base camp.

The start of the hike went through a marshy area which had a little wooden bridge to get past the worst of the wetland and a couple places where I crossed on logs. It wasn’t long before the trail took me past Summit Lake. I imagine that this area would usually be teeming with visitors as I peered back across the lake at the deserted campground. The three days that I was there I saw two small groups at the beginning of the hike near the parking lot, and then only one person in the back country. The weather was cool, it was cloudy and there was low cloud cover obscuring both Brokeoff Mountain and Lassen Peak.

The hike rambles up through gorgeous forest and woodland, along vibrant green meadows until, through the pines, you get your first glimpse of Echo Lake- a quaint little timber lined lake with a little snow thrown about as decoratio

You are not permitted to camp right down near the lake so I hiked along the tree studded lake shore trail until I made it past the far side of Echo Lake and then up the hill until I found some level ground where I would pitch my tent and call it home for the next couple nights.

As I said, this would be my base camp and I would do a couple other hikes while at the park, so I would hike in and out of Echo Lake multiple times. One such hike was to the Upper and Lower Twin Lakes. It rained on me once, which was a surprise, as early on when I had WiFi coverage next to the Visitor Center I was supposedly between rain storms. So take note this is Northern California Mountains and the elevation of the park starts at about 6,500 feet so you must be prepared. When I broke camp the weather had changed again and it was picture perfect with mild temperatures.

Also take note this is bear country and not only is it a good idea to have bear spray, but in the backcountry it is required to have a bear canister, which was new for me, and really had me thinking about bears.

Last look at Echo Lake.
To some it’s just water.  To me it’s where I regain my sanity. 

Thanks for joining me at Lassen Volcanic National Park’s Echo Lake. A great area to be “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“. A place to pick up all the pieces scattered in traffic, crowds, time schedules, obligations and the craziness of our lives. Stayed tuned to this channel as well as the many different channels that “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“ wanders- just checkout the menu above. It is divided by area and each is it’s own separate site and thus needs to be followed independently. So, please take a moment and FOLLOW, COMMENT, LIKE, and SHARE. SHOP APPAREL- If you need a hat, or shirt we have the best logo, the best merch, made of the best stuff, and besides you will be helping to support PBTA.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, Pursing Balance Through Adventure

Discovery Point Trail


Activity: Day Hike, Scenic View, Sight Seeing

Date: 8-31-19

Distance 4 miles, elevation change 915’, duration 2 hours, rated Easy

Discovery Point Trail is an easy trail great for the whole family, although be aware that this delightful jaunt, that I started past the Crater Lake Lodge, starts out a scenic sight seeing type of saunter, but becomes a little more like a hike the further you go. There are places further on that you will want to watch your step around roots, rocks, exposed cliffs, and big drop offs.

There are outstanding views all along this hike that will simply take your breath away and that you will never forget. This is a hike that you really can go as far as you want. The views don’t differ that much although you get closer to Wizard Island the further you go, and you will have steep embankments, trees, cliffs, rock outcroppings to checkout. It is a wonderful little hike to be sure.

Besides the soul stirring grand views of one of the most gorgeous sights on the planet, with water as blue as blue can be, there are a number of things to checkout at Rim Village which is where you will find the trailhead. There are scenic and historic buildings such as Crater Lake Lodge, among others. The Rim Visitor Center has some great displays regarding the lake, how it was formed, the history, and checking it out is a fun and interesting thing to do. There is also the Sinnott Memorial Overlook that allows an incredible vista from right in the side of the cliff. It has an informative display about the lake and points out the neighboring peaks and mountains. There is a cafe to grab a bite and gift shop to purchase souvenirs at Rim Village as well.

This is a major tourist destination and although there is ample parking if you are there on a major holiday, such as Labor Day, you will be hard pressed to find parking. Don’t get stressed and just go with the flow… Besides once you peer over the side into that Crater Lake Blue you will find that balance that we all seek, and after all we are ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ and that lake of lakes provides that without a doubt.

“What a mighty depth is here, Where clouds of pearl drift far below And stars show through; Where sunbeams play with the emerald-purple waves And all the Silent Sea is stained with blue.” – Stanton C. Latham

Isn’t Crater Lake magnificent? You really have to be here “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure“ to appreciate it’s grandeur photos don’t do it justice. Well, there is but one adventure left in this series of Pursuing Balance Through Adventure National Parks at Crater Lake so don’t miss it. Please COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure

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Crater Lake Lodge


Activity: Sight Seeing

Date: August 31, 2019

I did not stay at Crater Lake Lodge, as I was backcountry camping where I backpacked in three miles, into the wilderness, at the juncture of the Pacific Crest Trail and Union Trail just outside of Crater Lake National Park’s Gate. But I always like to checkout the old historic lodges at the National Parks and find them fascinating. Sometimes they are quite grand and have great historical value and sometimes they are just quaint old lodges that are cool. Crater Lake Lodge, in my book, is more the later, and certainly worth a look.

The scenic views from the lodge are just breathtaking. You can probably tell from how many pictures I have taken of the lake, and again I apologize that many of them look the same, but I promise you I have sorted through them, but one becomes so entranced, even mesmerized by the incredible beauty that bewitches all who lay eyes on Crater Lake. I seriously have like a hundred pictures of the lake, lol.

The lodge was built in 1915 it has four floors and has 71 guest rooms. From what I could see of the rooms they are much like other National Park Lodges were they are small, basic, sparse, nothing fancy, but clean and nice. It is the historic stay that you are there for and of course the view at this lodge is to die for.

There is a restaurant that looks like it would be fun. The pillars are large tree trunks, there is a grand fireplace, and big windows with gorgeous views of the lake. There is patio dinning as well which is great with unobstructed views of the lake and Garfield Peak.

Looking up at Crater Lake Lodge.
“To say that this wonderful lake is grand, beyond description, is to give an idea of its magnificence. Everyone gazes at it in almost tearful astonishment.“ – Jim Sutton

Thanks for coming along to checkout this quaint old National Parks Lodge as I am ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure‘ at Crater Lake. I still have a couple more adventures at the “Deep Blue Lake”, as the first explores called it. So please SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT, and FOLLOW.

Mount Scott Trail


Activity: Day Hike

Date: 8-31-19

Distance 5 miles, 1250’ elevation change, duration 3 hours, rated Strenuous

Picture this a blue bird, picture perfect day peering down from my perch 8,929’, at the Fire Lookout stationed atop Mount Scott, the highest point at Crater Lake National Park staring into ”Deep Blue”. This is the name the first explorers called Crater Lake. Of course the Klamath Indians had been at this place for thousands of years.

To obtain the panoramic 360 degree views of the entire landscape that I enjoyed on that gorgeous Labor Day weekend you are going have to work for it, but I assure you that it will be well worth it. The park service rates the almost 5 mile hike as Strenuous I have also seen it rated Moderate. It is probably somewhere in between, but I would be inclined to lean more toward moderate.

The trailhead begins next to a flat meadow and a path of pumice, then a gentle climb through mountain hemlock, and from there it starts ramping up in elevation. You will make your way along a series of switchbacks with views of the lake and also the rest of the countryside in back of Mount Scott. Near the top there is a large path where you will make your way along the ridge line to the Fire Lookout. It is not open, but it is still interesting to see it. Most people will hangout there for lunch, wanting to have the mountain top more to myself I continue along in back of the Fire Lookout another 20 yards or so and just took it all in. Ahhh, “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure”.

Views from the ridge line show the Fire Lookout, Mount Thielsen, among other mountains and the country side out the backside of Mount Scott.

I bid fair well to the backside of Mount Scott, pictured in the distance.
“The Lake? The Sea of Silence? Ah, yes… The one thing that strikes you… is the silence, the profound pathetic silence that broods at all times over all the things. The huge and towering hemlocks sing their low monotone, but that is all you hear… It is not an intense silence, as if you were lost, but a sweet sympathetic silence that makes itself respected and all the people are as if in church.” – Joaquin Miller.
Crater Lake from atop Mount Scott, and yes that little patch of white to the left in the picture is snow, even in August.

Crater Lake is beautiful at eye level after plunging into it’s frigid water cliff jumping, and it is beautiful from a birds eye view from the highest point of the Park. Come with me as I continue ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ at one of the most gorgeous places on earth. COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE.

Until next time Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’


Cleetwood Cove Trail


Activities: Day Hike, Cliff Jumping, Swimming

Date: 8-30-19

Distance: 2.2 miles, 700’ elevation change, duration 2 hours, rated: Strenuous

Cater Lake is basically a giant volcano. Surrounding this caldera, filled with unbelievably blue water, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, are high and extremely steep walls which are in a state of constant change. Erosion by snow, rain and ice, can lead to unsafe conditions. Rock falls and collapses are not uncommon. Because of this steep and unstable terrain Cleetwood Cove Trail is the only way down to the water.

During the Summer at the height of the season securing a parking spot in the lot can be an issue so plan accordingly. It is a short hike down to the bottom, however it is steep with plenty of switch backs. Also keep in mind the lake is at altitude and even 6,178’ above sea level can affect some people. This hike is rated Strenuous.

It is however, a great little hike down through fir trees, with great views all the way down. When you reach the bottom you will be struck by how clear the water is and it is some of the purist water on earth and of course you can never get over the “Cater Lake Blue”.

At the bottom there are boats that will take you on a tour of the lake, which could include Wizard Island. I did not do that tour, but I bet it would be fun.

There are bathrooms at the bottom where you can change. Bring your suit because swimming in Crater Lake is something that you will alway remember. Even in the Summer the surface water temperature is under 60 degrees. So you can painfully ease your way from the shore into this chilly water, or you can take the plunge from the cliff which I highly recommend, and get it over with all at once. Such a thrill!

You should be cooled off enough at this point to make the trek back up the steep Cleetwood Cove Trail. In my opinion a dip in Crater Lake is a must do.

Some of the clearest, purist water on earth
Cliff Jumping
“In many ways this is the most remarkable body of water in the world. There is no lake it’s equal in depth, no lake so blue, none surrounded by such precipitous walls. Its whole setting is stranger and unusual: it is a lake in a mountain-top, occupying the crater of a burnt-out volcano.” -Aubrey Drury

Now that is ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ at one of the most astounding sites in the world, Crater Lake, and then leaping into it’s frigid yet intoxicatingly beautiful water. Ya’ just gotta’ luv it! There is more to come of this magnificent spot so please COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


Scenic Rim Drive


Activity: Scenic Drive

Date: August 30, 2019

An Adventure in Blue

The blue of Crater Lake is mesmerizing, it catches you off guard, it’s something not found in nature, except here. It even has it’s own name ‘Crater Lake Blue’. The view stuns you, you can’t take your eyes off of it. It forces you to take hundreds of pictures of it, and then you look back and many look pretty much the same. But when you are there, in nature, you take a few steps and you just have to capture it, but you can’t really… except perhaps in your soul. Well, isn’t that what we are seeking, pursuing, hungry for? Some balance to offset our hectic, busy, stressed out, overworked lives? Crater Lake does that from pure magic.

Welcome to another journey in which to free your soul. Welcome to ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. When I drove into Crater Lake National Park I arrived early on the eve of Labor Day, the last grand hooray to Summer, a very busy time for our National Parks. I was glad to have arrived early as there was much to do and much to see. I wanted to secure my Back Country Pass and then circumnavigate the lake, and see it from every angle.

The Drive into Crater Lake National Park and then to do the Scenic Rim Drive is 50 miles, the actual drive around just the lake is 33 miles. The entire drive along the rim of the lake is only open in the Summer and into the Fall otherwise it is partially closed due to snow. There are many stops along the way. The lake is so enchanting that you will want to stop at each and every one because each provides a different vantage point that is simply marvelous.

As you are driving around what is the caldera of Crater Lake, a stratovolcano, one can’t helped but imagine the explosive force that took off the top of what was Mount Mazama around 5700 BC. All of that violent volcanic activity has left us with a very special, serene place, Crater Lake Oregon. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States at 1,949’ and one of the deepest in the world. It is so blue because of it’s great depth and the water is some of the purist on earth. There are no rivers streams, or springs that feed this lake. It took about 740 years once the magma chamber was empty for rain and snow to fill it.

Visiting this National Park and enjoying the Crater Lake Scenic Rim Drive is a must plain and simple. Maybe you don’t have the time or can’t camp or hike, but do you self this pleasure, see this spectacle, enjoy this drive, take in this wonder.

Wizard Island, a cinder cone in the crater.

‘Phantom Ship‘ appears as a ghostly sailing vessel

Mount Thielsen in the distance.

Cater Lake “It is unlike any other natural wonder in the world. It is the Jeweled Sapphire of the Cascades, set in a matrix of peaks and castles walls; we may look upon it but once then wear it in our hearts forever.” -Stanton C. Lapham

Thanks for joining me on the lovely drive as together we find ourselves ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’. There is more to come regarding this treasure called Crater Lake, so be sure to LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW, and SHARE.

Happy Trails

Roger Jenkins, Pursing Balance Through Adventure

Swiftcurrent Lake

Glacier National Park

Activity: Sight Seeing

After a long day of driving from one beautiful National Park to another we arrived at our destination St. Mary’s Campground. Unlike Yellowstone, I was able to secure a campsite at Glacier National Park in advance. (Truth be know it was the very last one in the entire park.) We set up the tents, laid out the sleeping bags and thought, hey there is still daylight, time to see some sights!

We headed for Many Glacier Hotel, a most charming Swiss Chalet right here in the good old US of A. When the hotel was built, over a hundred years ago, they were plugging Glacier National Park as the American Alps, so a Swiss Chalet was perfect. On the shore of the beautiful Swiftcurrent Lake framed by breathtaking peaks, the view from the porch of the Many Glacier Hotel is a scene that will be lovingly etched into your memory.

Marina enjoying the porch of Many Glacier Hotel.
Camping Marina having S’more fun.
“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” -John Burroughs
Marina and I at Swift Current Lake In Beautiful Glacier National Park.

Thanks for joining me at “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure” as we explore our National Parks, and this one Glacier National Park is a gem. I cannot wait to have you join me and my daughter Marina as we further explore this treasure. So that you will not miss an episode please LIKE, COMMENT, FOLLOW, and SHARE.