Ruby Beach


Activity: Beach Hike


Ruby Beach, on the rugged Washington Coast in the Olympic National Park, is a treasure. The beach is broad and long. There are natural rock sculptures, Destruction Island is off in the distance with it’s lighthouse warning of peril. The center piece for Ruby Beach is Abbey Island, at low tide it is a peninsula with some tide pools to explore.

Lighthouse on Destruction Island, just off the coast.

It is a scenic jaunt down a pathway from the parking area, (which by the way has a bathroom). There are stacks of driftwood adorning the beach in the splendor that is quite often so picturesque in the Pacific Northwest.

Abbey Island is a peninsula of Ruby Beach at low tide.

Once out on the beach I discovered that I was cut off from gaining access to Abbey Island, by Cedar Creek. This little freshwater stream was flowing pretty good and straight out to sea. It was knee deep and probably could be walked through, but should you take the chance at being swept off your feet and cast out into the frigid and turbulent Pacific? There was a thin, long and rickety log across the creek, and after searching for a better alternative I finally decided to go for it. I made it, but after watching the ordeal I saw a few others decide against it.

Wonderful beach just wonderful! Wooded forest to one side, big beautiful beach, rock formations, Abbey Island, tide pools, gorgeous day and that big beautiful Pacific. Wow… just wow!

I went on beyond Abbey Island which as you can see is from the attached map is about a half mile stroll. The beach is so nice I could have just kept right on going. I had heard about this beach being good for seeing starfish, but I really hadn’t see much sea life at all. It was low tide so Abbey Island was accessible. It was cool to explore up close to see it’s vertical cliffs and the vegetation and trees that crowned it perhaps 100 feet above sea level.

I did some rock scampering being careful not to fall as they were crusted in razor sharp barnacles. The waves lapped at the rocks as I ventured out along the Northside of the island. Once I got well off shore of the beach, about half way on the little island, I spied the treasure that I was seeking. I first observed a few orange starfish tucked in amongst the rocks that we mostly submerged then I also noticed the darker colored ones. The further I made my way along the more difficult the journey, but the more rewarding the finds. The wonderful starfish were at this point quite prevalent. I thought of how lucky I was as this was simple stupendous and most people aren’t going to get to see this when they come to Ruby Beach. As I carefully picked my way back towards the shoreline I was rewarded with yet another wondrous sight. A sea otter seemed to be just as interested in me as I was him. Be sure to check him out in my video.

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure
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Ruby Beach
“To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.”
– Emilia Wickstead

Thanks for exploring Ruby Island with me on my amazing journey uncovering a treasure trove of stardom whilst I was ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ on the Olympic Peninsula. You might be wondering where was my son Alec? Wasn’t he with you on this exploration of the Olympic National Park? Well, teenagers… what can I say? They certainly like to sleep in so he will have to enjoy this article along with my readers I am afraid to see any starfish. He did climb out of his sleeping bag and the rig for the next adventure so I invite you to continue in the Olympic Rainforest with us by doing a couple easy tasks: COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE. If you peruse the menu above you will discover that PBTA ventures not only to our wonderful National Parks, but all over this great West of ours in search of the Balance in our lives that we all need and cherish. Adventures in Nature can help restore that needed Balance so get out in it as much and as often as you can. The menu is categorized mostly by location and each is a separate website and thus needs to be FOLLOWED independently. In the video you will see that I am wearing one of my ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ Caps. They are for purchase along with other Adventure Wear at SHOP APPAREL.

Happy Trails-

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


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