Cleetwood Cove Trail


Activities: Day Hike, Cliff Jumping, Swimming

Date: 8-30-19

Distance: 2.2 miles, 700’ elevation change, duration 2 hours, rated: Strenuous

Cater Lake is basically a giant volcano. Surrounding this caldera, filled with unbelievably blue water, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, are high and extremely steep walls which are in a state of constant change. Erosion by snow, rain and ice, can lead to unsafe conditions. Rock falls and collapses are not uncommon. Because of this steep and unstable terrain Cleetwood Cove Trail is the only way down to the water.

During the Summer at the height of the season securing a parking spot in the lot can be an issue so plan accordingly. It is a short hike down to the bottom, however it is steep with plenty of switch backs. Also keep in mind the lake is at altitude and even 6,178’ above sea level can affect some people. This hike is rated Strenuous.

It is however, a great little hike down through fir trees, with great views all the way down. When you reach the bottom you will be struck by how clear the water is and it is some of the purist water on earth and of course you can never get over the “Cater Lake Blue”.

At the bottom there are boats that will take you on a tour of the lake, which could include Wizard Island. I did not do that tour, but I bet it would be fun.

There are bathrooms at the bottom where you can change. Bring your suit because swimming in Crater Lake is something that you will alway remember. Even in the Summer the surface water temperature is under 60 degrees. So you can painfully ease your way from the shore into this chilly water, or you can take the plunge from the cliff which I highly recommend, and get it over with all at once. Such a thrill!

You should be cooled off enough at this point to make the trek back up the steep Cleetwood Cove Trail. In my opinion a dip in Crater Lake is a must do.

Some of the clearest, purist water on earth
Cliff Jumping
“In many ways this is the most remarkable body of water in the world. There is no lake it’s equal in depth, no lake so blue, none surrounded by such precipitous walls. Its whole setting is stranger and unusual: it is a lake in a mountain-top, occupying the crater of a burnt-out volcano.” -Aubrey Drury

Now that is ‘Pursuing Balance Through Adventure’ at one of the most astounding sites in the world, Crater Lake, and then leaping into it’s frigid yet intoxicatingly beautiful water. Ya’ just gotta’ luv it! There is more to come of this magnificent spot so please COMMENT, LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE.

Happy Trails,

Roger Jenkins, Pursuing Balance Through Adventure



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